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 Our Sports specific training program is a hybrid mixture of interval training exercises performed in a variety of durations and velocities.


 Our program emphasis on targeting sport specific movements and needs: stability, endurance, speed, agility, stamina, explosivity, both core and overall strength, while promoting better overall proprioception – the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium.


 Our specialized programs also work around targeting workloads that are above or at the lactate threshold within a positive work environment that promotes

greater muscle growth at a cellular level.


Want to hear the whole run down?

 We use creativity in our exercise design to surpass conventional cross training methods. The interval training used in our program is based off the theory that the body will respond to a multitude of things, if combined, will push the average Joe or the Professional/aspiring athlete to a superior level.


The secret ingredient in the FOUNDATION recipe (aka the ‘FOUNDATION secret sauce’) is the "un-bottle-able" positive energy that flows at The FOUNDATION.

The body responding to energy at a cellular level is commonly overlooked by an industry that seems to be more concerned with surface appearances of biceps and 6 packs rather than overall health and fitness. “An environment rich in positively will produce better, stronger, and more focused individuals.” Our facility sits in a unique landscape which breads positivity and creativity in a non-ego based open-energy environment.


Furthermore, even though surrounded by athletes and competitive alphas, FOUNDATION creates drive by not creating competition between individuals but rather competition between ones self. This noncompetitive, non-ego based, training style is simple in theory yet progressive in this industry. Energy follows energy. At a cellular level, the body thrives when surrounded by positivity. Negative energy hinders muscle growth, deteriorates cellular activity, and creates a stagnant work environment.


 Our interval training workouts are high-intensity sessions performed in short durations and velocities with workloads that are above or at the lactate

threshold. In doing so, we also work with controlling (or guesstimating) the amount of adrenaline released by the adrenal gland. Once harnessed, this timed release of adrenaline can be applied to the athlete’s competition movements. Without giving out too much of our program, the body will respond more naturally and comfortably and with less fatigue during times of physical stress when controlled. By doing so, athletes, and individuals, will preform better and more confidently than other competitors who are not acclimated to this form of training.


 Lastly, we do our best to mentor all of our athletes to create their own positive surroundings, promote good vibes, and have fun… which we call ΔNTI TH∅T.

The ΔNTI TH∅T idealism is something that you’ll have to come into FOUNDATION to feel and understand.





Low aerobic: long duration low intensity


Anaerobic threshold levels: medium


Lactate threshold: Hard to almost failure


Speed threshold: very quick bursts of 100% effort



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