We are the ANTI-OM.  A welcoming space for all body sizes and athletes, we stretch our bodies to support an active lifestyle on and off your mat.  This one hour Vinyasa flow will warm you up with sun salutations, work your core and cool you down with a long savasana...with a rockin' playlist in every class!  Making your day drift by quicker, and supporting injury prevention for future workouts.  Feel free to use this class to counteract your workouts, or become your daily workout!  See you on your mat!


Foundy Yoga emphasizes restoration, presence, and being yourself.  Our classes have a fun atmosphere where good music and good vibes are guaranteed.


Designed to counter balance Foundation's high intensity, cardio based Adult PE and sport specific training, our yoga classes give you an opportunity to slow down, check in with your body and find balance both physically and mentally.


All levels are not only welcomed, but encouraged.  Never tried yoga before? This is the perfect class for you.


All ages are welcome as well. Kids can join the fun-- make it family affair!


Foundation Fitness membership NOT required.  Just bring a mat and an open mind.




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